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Godafoss Waterfall - Summer 2019

Cruise ship day tours from Akureyri

Duration:  2,5 hours
Included:  Bus and Guidance
Excluded: Lunch and refreshments

Highlights of the day:

  • Godafoss Waterfall
    One of the most spectacular waterfalls in Iceland. The water drop is over 12 meters high / 40 feet.
    daytour to godafoss waterfall
  • Scenic drive through Eyjafjordur Fjord
    Eyjafjord is the longest fjord in Iceland and is a home to over 7 municipalities with farms and ranching communities. 

  • Akureyri
    Enjoy walking around Akureyri, pronunced:[ˈaːkʰʏrˌeiːrɪ], with its historic architecture and curious character. 

When you arrive in Akureyri it’s time to stretch your legs. But, as you already know, the early part of the day is most suitable for sightseeing (for other than the Aurora Borealis), so a bus trip to the Waterfall of the Gods can‘t hurt. 

From Akureyri we drive across the fjord Eyjafjordur, the longest fjord in Iceland, to the Waterfall of the Gods. The bus stays there for 30 to 45 minutes. The waterfall, with its lava rock surroundings is one of the most beautiful in Iceland. On arriving back in Akureyri, we visit the Old Town, before the bus takes you back to the ship (or you can hop off near the town Centre of Akureyri, ten-minute walk from the ship).

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The tour leads you through undulating valleys and the rolling green countryside east of Akureyri town. On your way you will see the farmhouses and barns merged into the landscape and if you are travelling late in the summer you will witness the gigantic mushroom-like hay storing balls that lay scattered over the freshly mowed areas surrounding the farms.

Scenic glacial valleys scattered with small farms

Godafoss day tour for cruise ship passengers

You will drive through the U-shaped Fnjóskadalur valley created by glaciation. When the Ice Age finally let up, glaciated valleys were formed when the glacier travelled across and down a slope, carving out the valley. When the ice thawed or receded, the valley remained, often littered with large or small rocks that were transported within the ice.

Say hello to the local Fauna

Icelandic ponies on th Godafoss daytour

Whilst sitting in your seat, your mind wondering about the destination, it is extremely likely that a curious herd of cows or a string of Icelandic ponies will glance your way with that profound look in their eyes. The river Fnjóska holds both trout and salmon runs.

Lake Ljosavatn (Light’s lake)

When we are getting really close to the Waterfall of the Gods / Godafoss you won’t miss the small lake Ljosavatn which is one of the rare lakes in Iceland that were formed with actual lavaflow blocking a river and thus forming a lake. This was around 9000 years ago and that same lava flow facilitated the creation of Godafoss, our final destination.

Akureyri old town

It is very rewarding to take a walk in Akureyri at the end of the trip. While stretching your legs a bit, you will find a collection of quaint little houses and a bit grander structures so characteristic of the town. Akureyri was an important hub for the farmers living in North Iceland with all the hustle and bustle which followed but on the small Icelandic scale. Akureyri is a university town with several industries and has always proved to be modern in its development. Real progress was made in the eighteen hundreds when a co-op was founded by local farmers as an ideal business model. They were in competition with the Danish merchants at the time and this helped them wage and win that challenge.

Our knowledgable guides will take good care of you

You can be sure you are well taken care of by our knowledgable guides. Knowing what awaits you, the Waterfall of the Gods, Godafoss, Fnjóskadalur river valley, knowing you will be awe-inspired, should put you in the right mood.

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